Guidance Documents

Guidance has been produced on this page, for each indicator of the safeguarding policy, to assist with implementation. Click on the appropriate links below to download PDF documents. The first link under each standard will provide a PDF version of all of the Guidance for that standard. Subsequent links under each standard contain PDFs of all of the templates and forms. (Documents sourced from:

Standard 1

Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments

Standard 1 Guidance

1.1A Template 1: Recruitment and Selection Checklist

1.1A Template 2: Application Form

1.1A Template 3: Confidential Declaration Form

1.1A Template 4: Character and Personal Reference Request

1.1A Template 5: Confidentiality Declaration

1.1B Template 1: Service Level Agreement to Share Vetting Information

1.1C Template 1: Acknowledgement Letter for Request for ministry

1.1C Template 2: Declaration Form of Good Standing

1.1C Template 3: Confirmation of Good Standing

1.1C Template 4: Approval for Ministry

1.1C Template 5: Confirmation of Good Standing for Non Ordained Religious

1.1E Template 1: Form to be completed by the Leader/Church authority

1.2A Template 1: Sample Code of Behaviour for Adults

1.3A Template 1: Example Workshop on Creating a Code of Behaviour with Children

1.4A Template 1: Attendance Register for Large Groups

1.4A Template 2: Attendance Register for Sacristy

1.4A Template 3: Child and Guardian Joint Consent

1.4B Template 1: Form for Dealing with Accidents/Incidents

1.4E Template 1: Pope John Paul II Award Permission Form

1.4E Template 2: Pope John Paul II Award Parish and Social Activities Form

1.4E Template 3: Pope John Paul II Award Safeguarding Agreement Form

1.5A Template 1: Form for Use of Church Property by External Groups

1.5E Template 1: Form for Use by Lay Apostolates

1.5F Template 1: Form for Use of Church Property as a Community Service Site

1.7A Template 1: Complaints Form

1.8A Template 1: Hazard Assessment Form

1.9A Template 1: Media Permission Form

1.10A Template 1: Form for Clerics/Religious who have Ministry With Children...

1.10B Template 1: Example International Child Safeguarding Policy

Standard 2

Standard 3

Standard 4

Standard 5

Standard 6

Standard 7

Appendices & Glossary