Safeguarding Children Policy

Press Release – News Item
Archdiocese launches updated Child Safeguarding Policy

In recent weeks an updated policy for Safeguarding of Children has been launched at eight different locations in the diocese. The revised policy sets out the standards of best practice for all church personnel in their dealings with children. It is compliant with civil legislation and church guidelines. The launches were attended by over 400 people, including priests, religious and lay representatives of the parishes. The policy can be viewed on the diocesan website, In welcoming the launch, the Archbishop thanked all who made the new policy and safeguarding procedures possible, the diocesan committee, those involved in training, the parish representatives and all the many people that work so hard in this area.

Archbishop Neary gave details of the diocesan response to child sexual abuse. A number of cases had been settled and these did not involve the recipients being bound to confidentiality.

He further confirmed that prior to being Archbishop he was not involved in any canonical enquiries relating to allegations of child abuse. There has been one canonical trial in the diocese of Tuam in recent years. This did not involve taking oaths of secrecy.

All allegations of child sexual abuse have been reported to the relevant statutory authorities, the HSE and the Gardaí along with the National Board for Safeguarding Children. No priest against whom an allegation has been made is in ministry in the diocese.

The Archbishop stressed that the care of children would continue to be a vitally important part of the work of the Church in the Archdiocese of Tuam. He repeated his apologies to anyone who has been let down or harmed in any way by actions of some priests in the diocese or by the diocese itself. He invited anyone that has any concerns in relation to Child Protection to contact the relevant authorities without delay.


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