Launch of 6th edition of Diocesan Magazine – New Dawn

Press release.  Therese Maher camogie All-Ireland winner stars at launch of New Dawn (Photos courtesy of Fr. Stephen Farragher)

Galway camogie All-Ireland winner Therese Maher was the special guest speaker at the launch of the 6th edition of the Archdiocese of Tuam’s New Dawn magazine which goes on sale at churches next weekend (Oct 26 and 27).

Yet again the magazine is full of interesting news items, articles and features and represents excellent value at €4 per copy.

Included in the magazine are profiles on Westport and Moore parishes while the recent celebrations in Ballinrobe, marking the 150th anniversary of the building of St Mary’s Church, are also recalled.

There’s a number of articles “As Gaeilge” and the “People Profile” features Achill native James Kilbane who has established a niche for himself as a “country” and “gospel” singer since he was runner-up in the “You’re a Star” television programme. James is ecumenical in his approach to performing and regularly sings at gatherings of various Christian churches. He is presently working on a new album based on the Old Testament.

Fr Enda McDonagh recalls the life, the scholarship and sporting times of famed Aughamore man, Seán Freyne, who started his football career in St Jarlath’s college before going on to represent Mayo at all levels, while Dr Áine Ní Mhannín, lecturer in NUIG, has written a thought-provoking piece on the life and times of the German theologian Meister Eckhart.

“Journeying Together in Faith” is the recently published pastoral plan for Tuam and is summarised in the magazine by Fr Pat Farragher. Journalist Brian McDonald has written a nice feature on the Irish Garden of Remembrance to Organ Donors in Salthill, Galway. The garden is the brainchild of Martina and Denis Goggin whose organ donor son, Eamonn, was tragically killed in a car crash.

The magazine also includes details of a variety of pilgrimages, loads of colourful and relevant photographs and the usual quizzes and crossword in the Puzzle Page.


Ms. Trena Lynch Uí Chonghaile was MC for the occasion

Some edited highlights of the Speech of Theresa Maher at the launch.

New Dawn Launch.

I am delighted and honoured to be here this evening to perform the launch of the 6th Edition of New Dawn.

I am one of 11 children 8 girls and 3 boys. My first club to play for was my family, giving the size of our family and living in the country hurling & camogie was naturally our chosen sport, mainly because we only needed one ball , wood was cheap, plus we always had enough to play with and given we lived on a farm enough green fields to play on. Some of the toughest games I have played were in the summer months on our own self made pitches. Two teams were picked & counties all depended on who was playing that afternoon in Croker. The ball was thrown in and we would try to emulate the stars we had just watched. Games usually lasted until there was either blood spilt or the light faded. Bruised egos were comforted, cuts were bandaged but we learnt how to play as part of a team, to be healthily competitive, to toughen up, accept defeat but try the following week to be victorious. It was from these playful sometime serious games that my love of camogie evolved and is still a huge part of me and my families’ lives today. My parents Mary & Vincent were our best supporters and I was very saddened that they were not present in body on Sept 15 last to witness the victories that unfolded but immensely proud knowing that were so proud of my and the teams achievements on that day. My mother was probably one of the driving forces behind my continuity in camogie up to now. After our defeat in the 2010 All Ireland, I visited her in hospital, disilliousioned and dejected. We chatted and I recall saying Mother I will never win one. She replied saying Therese something tells me you won’t stop until you do. Sadly she passed on the 7th of October 2010 but that conversation never left me, and was still as clear as i took to the field on Sept 15th. Winning that day meant I have fulfilled a life time dream, to reach the pinnacle in my chosen sport. So when I fell to my knees when the final whistle went I felt relief, was thankful that I & this team finally got over the line, delighted that my wonderful family and loyal supporters of Galway finally had some silverware to cheer about. This victory has given men and women, young and old something positive to talk and be happy about in a time when people may need to be lifted and inspired and I very proud that both teams in some small way contributed to this.

I have read through the magazine and I would like to compliment the pastoral council, the editorial boad and Media West on the diversity of its contents, it really does have something for everyone. It keeps people of the diocese up to date with real life stories, reports & upcoming events.

I would like to wish Like Gibbons and Eoghan Roe every success in their new roles as members of the editorial board. It is heartening to see young members getting involved and their inclusion will mean their voice and the opinions of their friends will get aired and create a wider audience for the magazine. After all our youth are the future.

I enjoyed reading the diaries of pilgrimages completed to Croagh Patrick, Camino, Rome and the Amalfi Coast detailing the wonderful journeys people’s lives took along those paths. It is something that I have never done but it is refreshing to see that there are people of all ages travelling on these pilgrimages. Their inclusion in the magazine is a positive one and I am sure may lead to further attendees on next year’s pilgrimages. My own mother fulfilled a lifetime dream of going to Lourdes before she passed and returned relaying to us the sense of peace she had felt while there.

While reading the article “ Thoughts from the Hermitage” by Susie Smith and I quote “ Ballintubber is a rural area and often folk who have spent many years farming here, recall their beautiful memories of the family praying the rosary together and parents blessing them before they set off on a journey. It seems that in those days praying was as natural as breathing, it was part of life itself”

In reading I found myself reflecting on my childhood and my memories of religion. Like everybody my parents were my first teachers in religion. Prayers were taught, learnt & said nightly, mass was attended weekly, rosary was said as a family for the holy souls in November & sacraments were celebrated nearly every year due to the quantity of our household. We were taught the importance of the sacrament we had received and not the importance of the attire we wore, something that I think has become materialistic in modern times. We were blessed going out the door to school, before games & medals were attached to school jumpers & jerseys. My mother had a particular love of the rosary and was the person in our house who would always give it out therefore it was fitting that she passed away on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary Oct 7th. During both their illnesses there was many a decade said in our house. As the New Dawn addition is launched in October & with November been the month of the Holy Souls it may be discussed that next year it may get a mention to highlight the importance of remembering those that have passed in saying the rosary.

Unfortunately in recent times there has been an increase in the amount of people taking their own lives and I refer to the article “Concerned about Suicide” which looks at warning signs & how to help. Some people are often too afraid or embarrassed to seek help from their Gp or discuss it with their families. Therefore the inclusion of this article is a positive one and will create greater awareness of what to look out for, what to say and do if you are concerned about a loved one.

I would like to congratulate the Mayo Minors on their victory in Croke Park. It was a long time coming so I know how much this means to them. Their senior counterparts unfortunately did not end their wait, but im sure once January comes they will dust down their boots and come back stronger than ever. I wish them both every success.

I would like to thank the pastoral council for inviting me here this evening, and to wish the editorial board & pastoral council continued success in their productions. I will finish by saying a line that is often used when we finish camogie and Fr Monaghan eluded to in his welcome column, “ May you all winter well” and wishing you all every health & happiness in the future.

So without further a do I declare the 6th Edition of the New Dawn launched.

Thank you.

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