Trocaire’s big THANK YOU to people of Tuam Archdiocese

Director of Trocaire has thanked Tuam diocese for its continued and loyal support.

“For almost 40 years the change that people in Tuam diocese put in the Trocaire box has been changing the lives of families and communities all over the developing world. Every coin the boxes have held over the last four decades have travelled the world transforming lives and giving the poor a voice,” said Trocaire’s director, Justin Kilcullen.

“The power of the money donated during Lent should not be underestimated. In tiny, forgotten communities, farmers’ crops are flourishing, parents now earn a dignified living and children have a bright future to enjoy. You’ve given people freedom from hunger, from want, from injustice, and you’ve given them hope.”

“We are indebted to parishioners and clergy in the Tuam diocese who have shown us such great support throughout Lent” said Mr Kilcullen.

Here is a short video from Justin Kilcullen, director of Trocaire thanking diocese, clergy and parishioners for their loyal support during this year’s Lent.


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