A time for reflection – Machnamh

Machnamh or smaoineamh is the Irish (Gaelic) term to think or reflect. In our busy world it is increasingly difficult to find time to stand back from our
hectic schedule’s, to ponder the meaning of life and to pray.

Someone once said that an unreflected life is an unlived life. The Machmamh section of this website hopes to offer you food for thought to help you reflect and make some links between your life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is hoped that it would help the reader to deepen their spirituality and lead them ultimately in the direction of praying to God.

Perhaps surfing the net or visiting this site regularly will provide the best opportunity for you to take that valuable time to reflect on your life, the Word of God and speak directly with God.

When this section is up-and-running fully it is hoped that a panel of lay-people, religious and clergy from the Archdiocese (and maybe further a field) would contribute monthly reflections on the Gospel readings of the liturgy of that month. It will be a bilingual section, in Irish and English.

Beidh sé i mBéarla agus beidh Machmamh as Gaeilge freisin.

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