Trinity Sunday – 11th June, 2006

Trinity Sunday – 11th June, 2006

During the year we have many feast days commemorating various Saints of the Church.  Today we mark the feast to beat all feasts as it is the feast of God Himself.  The feast of the Most Holy Trinity, the mysterious way God has of revealing His inner nature to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  One in three and three in one…

While it is difficult to understand the profound mystery of the Trinity, so much of the symbolism of Christianity and indeed our prayer is Trinitarian.  Blessings, signs of the Cross, the shamrock, the Celtic Cross, the triangle interwoven into the circle.  All Christian prayer is to God, through Jesus and in the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity is at the heart of who we are as Christians.

A beautiful way of approaching the Trinity is to imagine one’s self as being invited to sit in that empty chair on Rublev’s icon.  Because of our entry into God’s family at Baptism we are called to share in the intimacy of the inner life and love of the Father, Son and Spirit the expression of God in our world.

In ainm an athar le bua,
An mhic a d’fhulaing an phiain,
An Spiorad le neart…

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