Permanent Diaconate

The Church teaches that there are three degrees within the Sacrament of Holy Orders: bishops, priests and deacons.

In recent centuries the Order of Deacon within the Roman Rite, tended to be seen as a step towards becoming a priest.

This state of affairs was revisited during the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council in the 1960s. At this Council a decision was taken to restore the diaconate as a distinct ministry of service within the Church to help renew and enrich the Church’s missionary endeavours.

Persons interested in having an exploratory conversation or exchange of emails concerning the Permanent Diaconate are encouraged to contact:

Rev. Fr. Stephen Farragher,
Parochial House,

Co. Mayo.

Tel: 094-9630006

The following documents provide information on the reintroduction of the Permanent Diaconate in Ireland and in the Archdiocese of Tuam

The Permanent Diaconate National Directory and Norms for Ireland

Becoming a Permanent Deacon in the Archdiocese of Tuam

Among You As One Who Serves – ICBC pamphlet on the Permanent Diaconate


 Permanent Deacon Forms 

 Archdiocese of  Tuam Diaconate – Application Form

 Archdiocese of Tuam Diaconate – PP Reference Form

 Archdiocese of Tuam Diaconate – Child Protection Declaration Form

 Archdiocese of Tuam Diaconate – Employer’s Reference Form

 Archdiocese of Tuam Diaconate – Seminary Reference Form