Monthly Latin Mass at Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock

The Monthly Latin Mass in Knock was an initiative of Archbishop Michael Neary and was established by him in 2011 in response to the pastoral needs of people wishing to worship according to  the earlier liturgical norms. It is based on Summorum Pontificum  of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  and  a stable congregation of 110-120 people has emerged. Knock is the only Major Marian Shrine in Europe to hold a regular Latin Mass and credit is due to both the late Mgr Joe Quinn and to his successor Fr Richard Gibbons for facilitating this.

The National Traditional Pilgrimage to Knock will take place on Saturday, September third, comememncing with a Missa Cantata at two pm followed by Stations of the Cross and Traditional Benediction. In line with the wishes of archbishop Neary all tradtionalists in good standing are invited to attend.

The next Latin Mass in the Old   Rite ( Tridentine) will take place in the parish church Knock on Sunday September the eleventh at five thirty pm.

The Old Rite Mass is celebrated in the Shrine once a month and has a stable congregation of over 100. All welcome.

Knock Shrine Church

One thought on “Monthly Latin Mass at Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock

  1. re the Latin Mass in Knock
    This Mass is the high point of my month, I really look forward to this Mass.
    It is so reverent towards the Host – it is easier to be convinced of the Real Presence. The priest seems to be talking to God rather than the congregation which is a great prayer experience. Thanks to Archbishop Neary

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