Knock Summer Youth Festival

Knock Summer Festival – ‘Fuel for the journey’ – 24th-26th June 2011

The Knock Summer Festival is a three day event. Over the three days there will be talks, music, workshops, prayer, reflection, chill-out time and loads more. The festival is a chance to step out of the busyness of our everyday lives and come away to relax, re charge and re energize! It gives people a chance to explore, ignite and celebrate your faith. The festival is for all people between the ages of 18-35 years old.

Over the weekend we have talks by Lino Rulli, ‘The Catholic Guy’, Ronan Johnson, Fr. Benny Mc Hale and more. There will be workshops on drumming, clay and pottery, art, prayer, scripture, love and relationships and environmental ethics. Music over the weekend will be provided by Christian band Elation Ministries.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your ‘journey’ you are on, if you are practicing Catholic or if your not sure where God is in your life  even if you just want to come for a look…please do, you may be surprised at what you’ll find.

For more details contact Knock Youth Ministry on (094) 9388100/0876927850.

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This weekend is not to be missed. The Shrine will be buzzing, with the youth village comprising of a number of marquees, a chill out space, a prayer space and the main events.

Knock Summer Festival 2011 ‘Fuel for the journey’

This summer there is a series of events happening that could see the church explode into new life.

The Knock Summer Festival kicks off once again this June 24th-26th. The festival has been running for the past 5 years and this year has been promised to be bigger and better than previous years. The theme of this years festival is ‘Fuel for the Journey’. ‘The theme of the festival will explore the questions what is our fuel? What drives us? In most cases everyone is looking for something more, something deeper, something real. Essentially that is what the festival is about exploring our lives and finding God in your life, helping participants realise the power God has to transform your life’ explains Helen Toner, Youth Director at Knock Shrine and leader of the organising committee. The festival is a three day event and over the three days there will be talks, workshops, music, prayer, reflection and a chance to step out of the busyness of our everyday lives and taking time out.

Over the past four years, top speakers have been flown from all over the world to attend the festival and this year is no different. Lino Rulli a popular radio host from New York will travel to Knock, to give a talk titled ‘Are we running on empty?’ and ‘Reconciliation-what does it mean’. Lino has earned his nick name ‘The Catholic Guy’ from hosting a catholic chat show in New York, other speakers include Fr. Benny Mc Hale, Ronan Johnson, Fr. Sean Mc Donagh and loads more. ‘It is an exciting time in the church a lot of things are taking place in the next few years, that will catapult young people back into the church and we can really feel the energy beginning to build up’ said Helen.

Over the weekend there will be workshops on drum, dance, art, clay and pottery, environmental ethics, prayer and much more, the festival wants to show people that there are so many ways to praise God and to come closer to Him. ‘We have seen so many people come to this festival for different reasons but they all take something away from it’ continued Helen.

This year thousands of young adults will go to Madrid for World Youth Day, and they are all invited to come and take part in the festival before they depart for Madrid in August. ‘It will give the groups a chance to bond, get to know each other, prepare them with solid catechesis and also experience a faith gathering before they leave.’

The National Eucharistic congress will take place on the Saturday of the festival. The festival participants are invited to celebrate the Eucharist with the congress. ‘It is going to be an amazing site in Knock Shrine that day, up to 30,000 people from all over the country will travel to Knock to attend the congress. There will be a great mix of young and old. At the mass on Saturday we will have a special commissioning service for all those travelling to Madrid’.

On the Sunday of the festival there will be a session titled ‘Journeying together’ this session will encourage young people to return home and become active in the church and their dioceses.

There will also be time to chill out over the weekend. On Friday night there will be a hip hop dancing performance and a concert by Elation Ministries. There will be a marquee set up solely for the purpose of relaxing, titled ‘the chill out café’ this marquee will see acoustic sessions each night, open mic night and tea and coffee for 50c. On Saturday there will also be a bbq where people will get the chance to meet new people and talk openly in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. On the Saturday night there will be a reconciliation and healing service where participants will be invited to attend individual confessions. ‘This is always the high point of the festival for me, to see people that may not have been in confessions for 7-8 years coming back to the church and seeing the power of the sacrament is truly  amazing’ said Helen.

The festival is not just for practicing Catholics but for all young people around the country aged 18-35. So if you are practising your faith or someone who is not sure where God is in your life, or maybe you just want some time away in a completely new setting, come along. It is a chance for all people to question, explore, ignite and celebrate their faith.

The cost of the festival is €70, this includes all your food, accommodation and access to all talks, workshops, concert and everything that’s happening over the weekend.

For more info check out or call 0876927850

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