(Templetogher Parish)

Church: St. Therese

Priest: Paddy Mooney, PP, Glenamaddy and also PP of Williamstown
Williamstown, Co. Galway. (094) 9659017


Parish Secretary: Breda Keaveney (087) 2805241

Email address: williamstownnews@gmail.com


Parish Website: www.williamstown.ie


Newsletter: williamstowndevelopmentcompany@gmail.com


Baptisms: 4th Saturday of one month and the 4th Sunday of the following month. Tel (087) 2805241

Sacristan: Sharon Murray
Weekend Mass
Saturday 7pm for 2015

Sunday 10.30am for 2016


Midweek Masses usually 9.30am Wednesday & Friday mornings
Primary School:
Sacred Heart, Williamstown: James Coyne, Martina Lane, Anne Greally, Mary Russell, Claire Tierney, Julie Keegan, Edel Cunniffe. School Secretary Celia Rattigan. Tel 094 9643124.
Email: Williamstownschool@eircom.net


Church Ministries
Adult Choir: Anne Greally; Junior Choir: Teresa Keams; Youth Choir: Regina Griffin.
Finance Committee: Michael Jennings 0949643063; Pastoral Council: Kathleen Heviken 094 9643402; Adoration Society: Nora Jennings 094 9643063; Prayer Group: Mary Knight: 094 9643140; Legion of Mary: Mary Knight 094 9643140; Apostolic Workers: Teresa Cusack: 094 9643103; PTAA: Mamie Tarmey:
094 9643220

Community Organisations
Williamstown Development Company Noel Tarmey 094 9643180, Williamstown Development Office: 094 9643374;
Parochial Hall: Leo Finnegan 086 1603043;
Parish Council: Kathleen Flynn: 0949643912;
Social Services: John Heviken: 0949643402;
Voluntary Housing: Michael Jennings 094 9643063;
Active Aged Group: Margaret Gannon 094 9643224;
Voluntary Play Group: Georgina Tobin 094 9643363;
Heritage Society: Leo Finnegan 0949643019;
Beef Producers Group: Michael Lyons 0877922183;
Tidy Towns: Noel Finnegan 094 9643040;
GA.A. Kieran Conneely 087 2779677;
Handball: Sean Finnegan 0872985695;
Angling Club: Laurence Mannion 094 9643455.